Czech Republic - May 2010

Heather Halpern
Ostravské muzeum
28. října, Ostrava-Slezská Ostrava, Česká republika
12x16 Acrylic & Ink on Canvas Paper

Watercolor, 13" x 9"

Rock Kyndl

Yevgenia Watts
Ink and watercolor on Ampersand Aquabord
5x5 inches


Claudia Rose
Shop near Olomouc, Czech Republic

Nithya Swaminathan

Oil on Gessoed Board - 12" x 12"
"most Liggi, Prague, Czech Republic"

Denise Clardy
walkway between courtyards
Cesky Krumlov Castle, Czech, Republic
6x8 watercolor

Catharine Clarke

Phil Holt
Ladies of 9 Siroka, Prague
12 x 9 Oil on canvas panel

Tj Lev
"Blue Bikini"
Acrylic on 12x12 canvas

Haštalske namesti, Prague

Madhurima Mathur (Creative Rumblings)
Acrylic paints and pen on paper

Lynn Babineau
Watercolor 5 x 7

Karen Naber
watercolor, 5" x 7"

Sylvia J Larsen

Christine McKinney
12 K vysoke Prague, Česká Republika
Oil on canvas, 8" x 10"

John Irvine
Acrylic on canvas, 12" x 12"

Lynn Bernstein
Prague Farmhouse
pastel on colorfix paper, 6.5" x 8"

Lucia Fort
Edvarda Beneše-Czech Republic
Oil in gessoed masonite panel, 6 by 6”

Aleada Siragusa
Tunnel in South Bohemia
Oil on board, 10.5" x 8.75"

Linda Cheek
"2 Boats"
6X8 oil on panel

Alissa Duke
Czech Republic near Libeznice

Karen Naber
Watercolor, 11" x 13"

Joan Tavolott
"Prague Street View"

Roxanne "Tatan" Lopez  (Puerto Rico)
acrylics, 12"X12"

Ellen Asbyll
Walking and Talking
oil  5x7  Prague, Czech Republic

AK Singh

Justine Valla
9 inches x 7 inches watercolor on Canson paper
Shoppe and Restuarant
on Havelska ulicka, Praha, Ceska republika

Phil Holt
Hanging Out
16 x 12 Oil on canvas panel

Mark Adam Webster
26 Kusa - Prague

Margaret Bednar
"Ceska republika"
sharpie & colored pencil

Pat Koscienski

Becky Drees
"14 Náměstí Sadové", Olomouc, Česká Republika
Oil on Gessoboard, 6"x6"

9x12" watercolor

Becky Drees
“Kostel sv. Antonia, Prague”, Ceska Republica
Oil on Gessoboard, 6” x 6”

Niels Henriksen
8 Na Kampe, Prague, Czechoslovakia
11`x14” Oil on canvas board

Catherine Hale (Brussels)
Just outside Příbram
Colored pencils

Linnette Johnson
Sazavska, Stribrna Skalice, Czech Republic

Gwen Gordon
'Jilska, Old Town'
12" x 16", watercolor

Sheryl Chew
South Bohemia, Czech Republic
oil on canvas

Charles Chew

Carol DeMumbrum
6"x8"  Oil on RayMar panel
Zoo in the Czech Republic

J.Lynn Peterson
Old Town Square, Prague, Ceska Republica

Paris Doty (age 12)

Reagan Doty
Colored Pencil

Prabha Narayanan
Po Vodě, Větřní, South Bohemia, Česká republika
Watercolor on Montval Aquarelle Paper
12.5 x 9 inches

Al Woodford
Post-Industrial Ostrava
6 x 8 inches, watercolor

Al Woodford
Ostrava Dawn
8 x 12 inches, watercolor

Dennis Bailey

Laura Starrett

Bonnie McBride
Pond in a park at Olomouc
4x5 colored pencil journal

Charlene Brown
Cesky Krumlov

Rebecca Wang
"Swans under a Bridge"
oil on 10"x14" canvas board

Doreen Newhouse
Prague Street View -Jany Masaryka
Pastel on Wallis Sanded Paper

Murilo S. Romeiro
Ostrava, Czech
Marker pen & wax pencil on paper 180 g

Lesley Spanos
Oil on panel, 6 x 6"

Murilo Romeiro
Ortenovo Namesti - Praha
Micron Pen 0,8mm and Colored Pencil
 8" x 11"

Charlotte Tanner
Tempura and acrylic

Debbie Later

Roberta Schmidt
"Sarachova Bicycle"
Central Bohemia, Czech Republic
8" x 10" acrylic on canvas

William Cook

Windy Nicholson
"The Turn"
Colored Pencil

Linda Popple

Carolee S. Clark
"Setting Up Shop"
10" x 10", acrylic on canvas

Jeanne Grant
Colored Pencil

William Cook


Carolyn Pappas
"Pond View"
ink and watercolor, 5 x 7

Laura Starrett
4x6, watercolor


J.Lynn Peterson
V podhaji, Prague, Prague, Ceska Republica

J.Lynn Peterson
Jilska, Prague, Cheska republica

Tim Ginnett
Watercolor, 15 x 11 inches

Mary Lou Bachman
Watercolor on 9x12 watercolor paper

12" by 7" colored pencil and graphite

Linda Popple
Prague, Czech Republic

Suzanne Queen
Hlalol Building (Painted in the style of Alphonse Mucha)
Masarykovo nábřeží, Prague, Czech Republic
3.5 in x 4.5 in, Watercolor

Ruth Bodycott
"Field of Sunflowers"
12" x 9" watercolor on 140# Arches

Jean Nelson
"Hot Day, Cool Treats"
6" x 8"  Acrylic

Catherine Hale (Brussels)
"Strolling down Mostecka road in Prague."

Lin Corker
Watercolour and ink
Cesky Krumlov

Karla Uphoff
"Czech Marks The Spot"

Sarah K. Meredith
oil, 8" x 10" canvas

Murilo S Romeiro
Ostrovni x Na Skupici
Oil pastel on paper ( 11" x 9" )

Bev Atkins

Cathy Holtom
12 Krizovnickà. Prague
Coloured pencil

Chris Jones
The Bus Stop

Suzanne Queen
"Interpreting Kafka"
Dušní / Vězeňská, Prague, Czech Republic
3.25 in x 7 in Watercolor

Mark Webster
St. Wenceslas´ Basilica and St. Clement´s Church in Stará Boleslav

Linettalee (Linda Williams)
Field of Sunflower Dreams
14x9" watercolor

Carolee S. Clark

"A Sense of Place"
10" x 10", acrylic on canvas

Sketch Gurl
E50, Velká Bíteš, Czech Republic
Watercolor on paper

Nancie Johnson
115 Schoellerova
Prague, Prague, Ceska republika
Acrylic on canvas, 9x12

Carol Bonomo
Church of Our Lady Victorious
- Holy Child of Prague (back street view), Prague
pen and ink in moleskine

Linda Cheek
6X8 inches, oil on panel
St Nicholas Church "Roof Tops"

Catherine Hale
A view from the Manesuv Most.
colored pencils

Suzanne Queen
Hornické Muzeum (Mining Museum), Ostrava-Petřkovice, Czech Republic
5 in x 7 in PITT Pen

Carol Bonomo
Church of Our Lady Victorious
- Holy Child of Prague (front view), Prague
pen and ink in moleskine

William Cook
9 x 12, acrylic

Pam Van Londen
Ke Krci Branicka Prague
8×8 oil on clayboard

Scott Clugstone
Prague river
Watercolor, Ink, Rubber stamp, 6 X 9

Jean Nelson
"Waiting for the Bus"
Acrylic   6" x 8"

Gringo Zero

Jan Werdin 
Riverfront in Prague
Ink and watercolor 71/2 X 6 inches

Roberta Schmidt
"Just Outside of Town"
Mstetice, Central Bohemia, Czech Republic
11" x 14" acrylic on canvas

Nic Squirrell

Lin Corker
Manesuv most, Prague, Ceska republica

Mark Bridges

Mark Bridges

Jean Nelson
"The Alley Wall"
6" x 8" acrylic

Carrington Brown
Czech Republic
nábřeží Přemyslovců, Olomouc, Olomouc, Česká republika
acrylic on canvas 24x30

Mark Webster
Edvarda Beneše, Větřní, South Bohemia, Česká Republika

Scott Wilson
Český Krumlov, Czech Republic
Black 0.4 Artline pen &Tombow dual brush tip pens washed with waterbrush

Stefan Collings

Carolee S. Clark
"Double Trouble"
10" x 10", acrylic on canvas

Kate Merriman

Mark Bridges
Prague Bridge View

Jennifer Nichols

Horst Hittenberger
Fred and Ginger Building, Prague

Bill Guffey
Prague Street
9" x 12", oil on linen panel

Our May Paintout is the
Czech Republic.

Open for participation from
May 1st till May 31st.

View Larger Map

You'll find an interactive map of the Czech Republic above, though you can't access the little yellow pegman from that map. Use the link below it "View Larger Map", and the map will appear on your monitor; drag the little Yellow Man onto the map, let go while he's over a blue area, and start exploring. Find an interesting subject/area. Change it all you want. Or paint it straight up as you see it. Instructions are in the sidebar to the right. Any questions, ask 'em in the comments or email me directly.

You'll find many interesting areas to explore in the Czech Republic. Most of the mapped area is in and around the great city of Prague, but make sure you zoom out to see the whole country when dragging pegman over the map, for you'll find some isolated areas around the country that you shouldn't ignore.


With the popularity of this project growing monthly (143 submissions in April), it is necessary for me to stress a couple of rules. One is the image size issue. It has always stated in the rules in the right sidebar on this blog that the image has to be at a resolution of 72 and no larger than 1000 pixels on the widest side. Submissions not following the rules will not be posted.

A new rule that started in April 2010, is that each artist must now include the URL of the location that the artwork is based upon. To find the URL is easy. In the maps mode, while looking at your scene you have chosen, click the "LINK" button at the top right of the screen, you will see two options that open for you, CHOOSE THE TOP ONE, "Paste link in email or IM". With that link highlighted simply copy it and paste into your email with your submission. (How do you not lose your location? Click "SEND" with your view up and email it to yourself.) Remember, these buttons are found at the top right of the map, in the light blue bar.

So there you go. Should be extremely easy. If your submission doesn't show up on the blog, please check the list near the top in the sidebar entitled, "Don't see your submission? This could be the reason..." Thanks.

Thanks again to Google, as they have given their permission for artists to use Street View as a reference for paintings that can then be sold without fear of copyright infringement.

And thank you, artists, for participating.

Remember, participation is open to all levels of artistic ability.



carolyn cobb art said...

I cannot wait to figure this out and send in a painting!
thank you for not have too many restrictions.
carolyn cobb

Chilsum Winters said...

ooh good choice

Making A Mark said...

I'm so excited - I'm going to try and find old haunts from real paintouts. One's already in my post about the May paintout on Art of the Landscape - see The Czech Republic - Virtual Paintout in May

Billy Guffey said...

Hi Carolyn. Glad to have you joining us.

Billy Guffey said...

Hi Stef. :)

Billy Guffey said...

Hi Katherine. Thanks for all the posts on your blog. You do so much for the art community around the world. I appreciate it.

I'm happy you're excited about the Czech Republic. I've never been there myself, but it looks very inviting. Maybe some day...

Bev said...

Wow no wonder your blog challenges are so popular, I spent so much time roaming the streets of only a couple cities and enjoyed it so much I might not get time to paint anything. grin. thanks, for doing this.

Karen said...

An exciting and innovative idea. I hope to join in when I have a little more experience.

Tj Lev said...

I am so excited to see how much this challenge has grown. So many wonderful participating artists now! Thank you Bill for running the show. So much appreciated!!!! Tj.