How to Participate

If you have read the sidebar of this blog I applaud you! There's a lot of stuff there. If you have not, please do so, and then I can applaud you too. The sidebar has most, if not all, of the information you need to take part in the Virtual Paintout project. It explains in detail the different rules and instructions you need to follow to have fun with other artists from around the world every month of the year.

Here's a short explanation of each point you'll see in the sidebar and at the bottom of the monthly post, where the map lives. Please refer to said sidebar for a more complete explanation.

  • The Main Rule - Use Google Street View to find your composition.
  • The Purpose - Have fun.
  • The Timeline - It's a monthly project. Starts on the first day and ends on the last.
  • The Rules and Instructions - There are a few, but they are easy to follow. These include all the things you see in the list in the sidebar entitled, "DON'T SEE YOUR SUBMISSION? THIS COULD BE THE REASON".
  • Where to send your submission - To me! Again, that email address is in the sidebar under the heading "Submitting Your Art".
  • Saving a Screenshot and Emailing Yourself a Link to Your Location - I think emailing yourself a link of your location is one of the most important things you can do. And it's so easy. Explanations are there with the rest of the information. Either on the right or below the current month's map.

My plea to you who decide to roam the world with us and create art is simple... 

Please, read the rules and instructions and follow them. It may sound selfish, but it makes my life much easier. Everything you need to know is on the right or below the map.

"But", you may ask, "How do I do it? How do I use Street View to find something worth painting or drawing?"

I could try to explain how to explore the world through Street View. But Google explains it much better. Go to this link to find out how easy it really is to use. 

* If participating in the Virtual Paintout, simply click on the words "View Larger Map" immediately under the map of the location for that month. That will open the map, which you can then explore. 

I hope this explains how to participate, and makes the project an enjoyable process. If you've never used Street View before, go to the link above and let Google explain it, then once you've got the hang of it (that should take about 2 minutes) come back to the Virtual Paintout blog and join artists from around the world as we explore different areas and search for the perfect painting/drawing/sketching spot.

Thanks for visiting.

Bill Guffey