Corsica - January 2010

Jim Bumgarner

"Corsica", 8" x 10" alkyd on canvas

Phil Hofler
Pen and watercolor/egg tempera
 8 x 5 inches, moleskin

Phil Hofler
Pen and watercolor/egg tempera
 8 x 5 inches, moleskin

Phil Hofler
Pen and watercolor/egg tempera
 8 x 5 inches, moleskin

Denise Clardy
Le Monument aux Morts
L'Ile Rousse, Corsica

Le Regent Cinema, Bastia, Corsica
 9x6 watercolor

Mon & Junior (8 x 10, oil on canvas panel)

Rue de la Fontanicchia, Bastia, Northern Corsica

"Restaurant U Castille"
 Bonifacio, Southern Corsica
 7 x 10 watercolor

Watercolor, 5 x 7

Nancie Johnson
Acrylic on 9 x 12 canvas sheet
Northern Corsica

D81, Patrimonio, Northern Corsica, France
6" x 6", oil on canvas

Sari-Solenzara, Southern Corsica
Watercolour pencil on Moleskine watercolour sketchbook

"Le Fondago"
Place Bonaparte, Rue Fred Scamaroni, Bonifascio, Corsica

6 Impasse de la Route de Ville, Bastia, Northern Corsica, France

Google Peg Man in front of 4 Boulevard Albert, Ajaccio, Southern Corsica

Sylviane Le Cann
Benedetto Lightouse

Watercolor on Indigo watercolor paper, size nearing 13 x 8 inches

Cagnano, Northern Corsica, France

Rue Saint-Dominque, Bonifacio, Corscia
 9 in x 12 in Watercolor


Al Woodford
Serragio, Northern Corsica
 8 x 12 inches, watercolor

Charcoal, pastel, water on paper, 9 x 12

Rue de Terrasses, Bastia, Corsica


"At Home, in Corsica"
Avenue de la Republique, Calvi, Northern Corsica, France
...behind a still life set-up in Austin, Texas

5.8 x 8.3", mixed media (newspaper and wax paper with acrylic paint)
Route de la Lagune, Furiani, Corsica

Alain Godbout

Piana, Southern Corsica, France
Watercolour, 6" x 12"

21" x 17", soft pastel

Sylvia J. Larsen
Eccica-Suarella, Southern Corsica, Watercolor 5"x7"

Wendy Manning

10 Cours Napoleon, Ajaccio, Corsica
Sharpie and acrylic

Pen and ink and colored pencil

Judi Franzak

Savvy Child

Savvy Child

"Olmeto, Southern Corsica" (along N196)
 7 x 10 watercolor and ink

Shanah Cole
D151, Pigna, Northern Corsica
9x12, acrylic

 Central Corsica, France
 oil on panel, 6x6

 Barrellati, Northern Corsica, France
 oil on panel, 6x6

Peter Hobden
Centuri, Haute Corse
Oil on canvas panel, 35 cm x 27 cm

Jana Bouc
Port Centuri Harbor, Corsica
Oil on canvas, 9x12"

William Cook

Charlotte Tanner
Peri, Southern Corsica

Acrylic on cardboard, 10 x 14

A gentle reminder folks...
There are size limits to submitted photos. It's in the rules, lower right sidebar in purple. Please don't exceed 1000 pixels on the widest side and please keep the resolution to 72. Many submissions so far this month have had to be resized, which makes the simple task of posting them onto the blog about twice as long. Also, please include full information with each submission, i.e. name and blog/website.
Thanks for your participation!

Barbra Joan Araneo

Julie Hill
"Hillside Corsica Village"  watercolor  (12" x 14")

Melissa Guensler
Boulevard Paoli, Bastia, Corsica
Sharpie and acrylic

Melinda Campbell
Pen, ink, watercolor
Cervione, Northern Corsica, France

Suzanne Queen
Casaglione, Corscia
9 in x 12 in Watercolor

Suzanne Hughes
"Calcatoggio", 14 x 15 3/4" Bristol paper,
Watercolor and Sharpie pen


Barbra Joan Araneo

Karen Kelly
Google Map N198 - Corsica
 Watercolor & Ink - Acrylic Gouache

Capt. Elaine Magliacane
Corsica Hotel

Preston King
17" x 21"   soft pastel

Susan M. Moore

Sylviane Le Cann

Murilo Romeiro
Southern region, Pastricciola, "Spelonca" in the beautiful mountains of Corsica
Nanquim Ink (Pen 0,3 mm) 14" x 10"

Corsica, near Pastriciola, dead-end
oil on board, 10x8"

Corsica, North west Bonifacio, dead end
oil on board,  12x9"

Corsica, on the other end of Calvi Bay - west  Lumio
 oil on board,  12x9"

Nancy Eaton
"Corsica Countryside", 7" x 10" watercolor

Heather Moore
2.75 x 3.275 inches

Sherry Thurner
L'ille Rousse, Corsica
9x12 inch oil on canvas board

Murilo Romeiro
"A beach in Centuri", Winston &amp, Newton soft pastel over black paper, 8" x 11"

Martine Pittet
Zilia, Northern Corsica - Watercolour

Cathy Holtom
Arbellara, Southern Corsica (colored pencil)

Rock Kyndl
Bocognano, Southern Corsica, France

Jeanne Bruneau
Pastel, 8" x 11"

Jeanne Bruneau
Pastel, 8" x 11"

Nancy L. Vance
2 Route de l'Ancienne Batterie d'Aspretto
 Ajaccio, Southern Corsica, France

Nancy Goldman

Sherry Massey

Julie Hill
"Piana, Western Corsica"  watercolor  (9" x 12")

Suzanne Queen
Near Calasima, Corscia
9 in x 12 in Watercolor

William Cook

Grant Thomas
Ink and watercolour on Yupo Paper

Iain Stewart
Rue du Front de Mer, Bastia, Corsica

Murilo Romeiro
"Corte", Ink drawing over Canson Paper, 297 x 420 mm

Gillian Mowbray

Charlene Brown
Albertacce, Corsica, France

Grant Thomas
Ink and watercolour on Yupo

Preston King

Rebecca Watkins
1 Rue Simon Mela, Porto-Vecchio, Corsica

Bill Guffey
"Corsica", 22" x 28", oil on linen

Sainte-Lucie-de-Tallano, Southern Corsica

Our January paintout is

Open for participation from
January 1st till January 31st.

View Larger Map

You'll find an interactive map of the island of Corsica above, though you can't access the little yellow pegman from that map. Use the link below it "View Larger Map", and the map will appear on your monitor; drag the little Yellow Man onto the map, step onto Corsica, and start exploring. Find an interesting subject/area. Change it all you want. Or paint it straight up as you see it. Instructions are in the sidebar to the right. Any questions, ask 'em in the comments or email me directly.

Thanks to Google, as they have given their permission for artists to use Street View as a reference for paintings that can then be sold without fear of copyright infringement.

Thank you to the Google Maps Team, the Google Street View Team, and all those involved. And thank you, artists, for participating.

Remember, participation is open to all levels of artistic ability.



Billy Guffey said...

Happy New Year everyone! I'd like to thank everyone for participating in the Virtual Paintout over the last year. I hope you enjoy Corsica this month.


Leslie Hawes said...

Thank you, Bill!
Thank you, Google!
What a pleasure to participate in the Virtual Paintout!
Corsica, here I come...

Gary said...

Thank you Bill for putting on this show. It has been a real pleasure for me and I know for others too. Happy New Year buddy, to you and yours. Gary

Gillian Mowbray said...

Happy New Year, Bill. Thank you for choosing another warm spot. We're in the full grip of winter here.

Anonymous said... I come - paint box and brushes in tow...can't wait to see what comes out from everyone.

Murilo S Romeiro said...
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Murilo S Romeiro said...

HAppy 2010, Bill!!
Corsica! Wow!! Here we go!!
Thanks a lot for this nice "trip"!!

Billy Guffey said...

Thanks again everyone. I've set up a Facebook Fan Page for the Virtual Paintout. Nothing will change in the project. It all takes place here as always. But I thought I'd share the great artwork with more people through Facebook. I'm not putting names, just uploading pics. Is this okay with everyone? If not I can yank the page down as fast as I put it up. Just thought more exposure might be good for everyone involved. Let me know your thoughts.

Leslie Hawes said...

I have yet to join Facebook, and don't expect to, but showing off the artwork sounds like a good deal! :)

paintingsbyb.price said...

awesome Idea, can't wait to get started!!!!

paintingsbyb.price said...

Awesome Idea!!!! Can't wait to get started!!

paintingsbyb.price said...

Awesome Idea!! Can't wait to get started!

ferrariartist said...

Thanks for coming up with a wonderful idea! This was my first entry... Looking forward to future participation.

fheathermoore said...

What a fantastically original idea! I can't wait to try this out. I've never painted a street scene or landscape so it will be quite a challenge. Do you have to include the photograph with the painting when emailing to you?

Making A Mark said...

Hi Bill - I've got a post about your use of Streetview on my new 'The Art of the Landscape' blog today

See Google Street View and The Virtual Paint Out

gma said...

Corsica has been one of my favorite destinations so far. Thank you Bill.

Anonymous said...

How fun that you posted Peter Hobden and my paintings of the same spot (Port Centuri) but VERY different painting right next to each other!

Carol L. Adamec said...

Hi, Bill,
Nice to find you and this fun project online. Many thanks for your effort.

jack johnstone said...

Attention: Shanna Cole

Admired your work. Just curious are you related to James Cole of Sante Lucie de Porto Vecchio? My e-mail is

Unknown said...

Virtual paintout is a very interesting project... I have just picked this blog looking for Corsican paintings