Japan - April 2011

 Anne C M Campbell
"Wires above Shinjuku, Tokyo "
Gouache on Watercolour Paper - 9.5" x 9.5"

 Tom Glembocki

Murilo Romeiro
Japanese Cemetery
pen & ink on paper (11"x8")

 Renee Brennan
"Red Shrine"
8.5 X 11  Pastel/Oil mixed on Cranston Paper

 Maria Hamilton
Oil on Canvas, 16 x 20

 Elaine Griggs Hartong
Private Garden near Asaka, Japan

 Kay Merrill

Amy Tennant
6"x6", oil

Janet Claffey
Country Home
Winsor&Newton 140lb coldpress watercolor paper, 9"x7"

Murilo Romeiro
Takayama - Japan
pen & ink on paper (11"x8")

 Catherine Hale
"Postcard from Mount Fuji"
Oil on canvas, 15x10 cm

 Maggie Mayer
Tokyo Traffic
8" x 10", oil on canvas

Patricia Musgrave
13" x 9 1/2", oil on board

 Julie Manning
Itsushima at low tide

 Carolyn Owen Sommer
Kesennuma, Japan

Carolyn Weir
Nagoya Castle
9" x 12" Watercolor on Lanaquarelle paper

 Sara Branson

 Trevor Davies
Autumn Park

 Carolyn Owen Sommer
Garden Path

Mark Adam Webster
Modern Woman in Tokyo
48x24" Oil on Canvas

 Anita Badami
"Temple in Kyoto, Japan"
7"x9", Water color pencil on Canson paper

 Rick Eakins
Mountain Shrine Torii
8" x 10" oil on panel


Sketch Gurl
Shitennoji Temple, Osaka
Watercolor and Ink

 Linda Cheek
A Japanese Bridge
6x8 o/p

Alissa Duke
Ueno Tokyo
watercolour Pencil

Janell Nishida
"Light at the End"
9x12 acrylic

 Ann Hyde
Lake Toya
Oil Painting, 10" x 8"

Kim C Pelletier
Low tide at Matsushima Bay
16" x 12" oil on canva-paper

Greta Joachim
'View from Kagoshima'
6x8 oil on panel

 Margaret Lin
8" x 10", acrylic on paper

 Amy Tennant
Blue Bike
6"x6", oil on linen panel

Rebecca Wang
"Morning Stroll in Hakone"
oil on 10x12 canvas board

Justine Valla
Homage to Sendai
Watercolor on Canson paper 7 1/2 x 11 inches

 William Cook
Oil, 12x16

James Creasy
"T Marks the Spot"
16"x20" Acrylic

 Ann Hyde
Entrance to Kennin-ji Temple
Watercolour 12" x 12"

JB Pelardon
Nikka Whisky, Yoichi Distillery, Hokkaido
9.4 x 13.4 in, Acrylic on Yupo paper

 Gwen Gordon
'Street View, Japan 2011'
Watercolor on paper 9" x 12"

 Nancy Herman
8" x 6", oil on canvas board

 Lisa Montesanti
"Pink house" gokan japan
11x14 Oil on Canvas

Al Woodford
"Our little place in the country"
10 x 10 inches, watercolor

Mimi Torchia Boothby
Niimi Dental Clinic in old Kyoto
14" x 20" Watercolor

Nancy Goldman
Mt. Fuji from the Golf Course

 Laura A. Pace
"The Shopper"
5"x7" Oil on Ampersand Panel

Genevieve Cseh
‘Bamboo Forest, Japan’
Watercolor & ink on paper

 Karla Uphoff

 Nicola Dalbenzio
Uchibori Dori
Watercolor, 11x14

 Julie Manning
Pen and watercolour

 Lisa Montesanti
12x16 Oil on Canvas Pad

Cindy Pickup
"Mountain Fog"
9 x 12, Canvas Panel

 Amy Tennant
6"x6", oil on linen panel

 Luis E. Aparicio

 Charlene Brown
Joshin-etsu Expressway

 Susan Cox

 Heather L Halpern
Mud Warning
Pastel on Paper, 9" x 12"

 Ann Hyde
"Through the arch - Tokyo"
6" x 6" Watercolour

Roberta Schmidt
The Two Geishas
9 x 12 acrylic on Hahnemuhle acrylic paper

Jean Nelson
The Blue Boat
6"x6" acrylic on linen paper

Sherry Thurner
5x7 inches ink and watercolor wash
in a Canson watercolor notebook

 Suzanne Queen
Mt Fuji from Lake Yamanaka
8.25 in x 11.75 in Watercolor

 Mimi Boothby

Greta Joachim
5x7 canvas panel with oils and painting knives

 Suzanne Queen
Miyanoura, Yakushima Island,Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan
3.5 in x 7.5 in Watercolor

 Luis E. Aparicio
Felt-tip pen, markers on 9"x 6" paper

Paul J. Gitschner
Sunrise at Mt. Fuji
Watercolor  4 x 5

Nancie Johnson
Tokyo - Feels Like Home
Acrylic 9x12

Bill Guffey
5" x 7", oil on canvas panel, palette knife

Our April 2011 Paintout is

Open for participation from
April 1st till April 30th.
You'll find an interactive map of Japan above, though you can't access the little yellow pegman from that map. Use the link below it, "View Larger Map", and the map will appear on your monitor; drag the little Yellow Man onto the map, let go while he's over a blue area, and start exploring. Find an interesting subject/area. Change it all you want. Or paint it straight up as you see it. Instructions are in the sidebar to the right. Any questions, ask 'em in the comments or email me directly.

This month we travel to Japan. I felt it important that we travel virtually to the island nation of Japan this month. The devastating earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis has, if nothing else, shown the resiliency of the people of Japan. The entire country is available for the project this month, so there is a great variety of scenery to choose from. Let's join together and create some great art to showcase this beautiful nation and its people.

It is necessary to stress the importance of a couple of rules. One is the image size issue. It states in the rules in the right sidebar on this blog that the image has to be at a resolution of 72 and no larger than 1000 pixels on the widest side. Submissions not following the rules will not be posted.

IGNORE THE BLUE DOTS! It appears that Google has now added every user submitted photograph to the maps in the form of blue dots. Make sure your reference comes from the actual Street View application and not a photograph. Thanks.

Also, each artist must include the URL of the location that the artwork is based upon. To find the URL is easy. In the maps mode, while looking at your scene you have chosen, click the "LINK" button at the top right of the screen, you will see two options that open for you, CHOOSE THE TOP ONE, "Paste link in email or IM". With that link highlighted simply copy it and paste into your email with your submission. (How do you not lose your location? Click "SEND" with your view up and email it to yourself.) Remember, these buttons are found at the top right of the map, in the light blue bar.
So there you go. Should be extremely easy. If your submission doesn't show up on the blog, please check the list near the top in the sidebar entitled, "Don't see your submission? This could be the reason..." Thanks.

Thanks again to Google, as they have given their permission for artists to use Street View as a reference for paintings that can then be sold without fear of copyright infringement.

And thank you, artists, for participating.

Remember, participation is open to all levels of artistic ability.



Anonymous said...

I would like to play this month. I have been "walking around" Japan this morning and have found a lot of uninspiring stuff. This is mostly because I know nothing about Japan and don't know how to find the pretty neighborhoods. Also, about the link. i save the link but it takes me to where I first "landed" in a town, not where I end up finally finding a nice view. How do you get the coordinates for where you end up?

GretaMichelle Joachim said...

I'm going to paint something in Japan! 'Walked' around one of the villages and really enjoyed the atmosphere. Loved the country roads too. Is there a limit on how many we do?

Bill Guffey said...

Hi mimitabby. When looking at the view you are going to paint or draw go up to the "link" and copy the text in the "paste link in email or im" box. That link should get me back to that particular spot. Also, make sure you send yourself the link so you don't lose it. The instructions are at the bottom of the months post, just under the map.

Bill Guffey said...

Hi Greta. 3 per month.

Cindy Pickup said...

What a perfect location. And bye the bye nice painting of yours, lots of things to look at. Thanks for hosting!

MimiTabby said...

It works! thanks.
Now if i can just find a cool scene.

Cindy Pickup said...

Thanks for fixing the link to my name, Cindy

Mr. Charleston said...

This is one of the coolest sites I've yet come across. Kudos.