St. Petersburg, Russia ~ March 2012

 Kathy Bintrim
colored pencil

 Rick Eakins
"Canal Scene - St. Petersburg, Russia"
6" x 8" (Oil on Canvas Board)

 Janice G. Pennington
St. Petersburg, Russia
4in. x 6in., watercolor

Ganapathy Subramaniam (GS)
Ink and Watercolor 7" x 4"
Vneshnyaya Storona, Saint Petersburg

 Nicola Dalbenzio
St Petersburg Canal
Watercolor, 9x12

 Carolyn A Pappas
"Road through the Meadow"
colored pencil, 6.5 x 10 inches

Roberta Schmidt
The Flower Shop
9 x 12 inch acrylic on watercolor paper

 Rebecca Wang
"Young Couple on Bridge"
oil on 10x12 canvas panel

Rebecca Wang
"Lazy Afternoon in the Park"
oil on 10x12 canvas panel

 Lorraine Brown
Московское шоссе
Watercolour 11x8”

 Jude Decker
Watercolor and Ink  10" X 7"

 Mahe Dewan
"Hole in the Wall"
HB pencil and watercolor

 Sketch Gurl
Watercolor on A4 paper

Ehren Snyder
St Petersburg Waterway
Acrylic, 8 x 10

 Jeanne Grant
"Red Jacket"

 Jeanne Grant
"Red Leash"

 Jean Nelson
Onion Domes
4"x6" acrylic (used like watercolors) on linen paper

 Aleada Siragusa
Dress In Window
9" x 12" oil on  board

 Jennifer Wade
"On the Streets of St Petersburg"
mixed media - marker and acrylics on paperboard

Al Woodford
City Approach
11 x 11 inches, watercolor

Carolee S. Clark
"Treat Yourself"
10" x 10"
acrylic on canvas

 Patricia Musgrave
The Half-Blue House
13" x 9.5"  oil on board

 Kim C Pelletier
St-Petersburg Painters
16" x 12" oil on canva-paper

Suzanne Queen
Jogging on the Neva
7.5 in x 11 in,  Watercolor

 William Cook
Oil, 8x10

 Tj Lev
'Russian Apartment'
Acrylic on 12x12 canvas

Justine Valla
Church in St. Petersberg, Russia
Watercolor in Liberte Scetchbook

Linda Williams
"Atoms Are Not Peaceful"
9x12" watercolor on 140 lb cp

Nancie Johnson
"House among the Birches"
St. Petersburg, Russia
9x12 Acrylic

 Jeneen Nance
St. Trinity Cathedral

Bill Reed

 L. J. Chang
oil pastel, 6" x 6"
Church in St. Petersburg, Russia

Ehren Snyder
acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, 11 x 14

 Catherine Hale
"Strolling down Невский проспект"
Neocolor IIs in Daler-Rowney Sketchbook

 L. J. Chang
watercolor on yupo, 9" x 12"
Академический переулок

 carolyn cobb
8X10 oil
st. pertersburg, russia

Catherine Hale
Mixed media in Strathmore Sketchbook

 Ganapathy Subramaniam (GS)
Bronze Horseman, Saint Petersburg
Watercolor, 15 x 10

 Vincent Chen

 Dave Rolstone
Repin Institute, Imperial Academy of Arts
Oil on canvas 9"x12"

Gloria Zucaro
oBETCKaR ynNua, CaHKT-NeTepoypr
St. Petersburg, Russia

 Ganapathy Subramaniam (GS)
Dvinskaya Ulitsa, Saint Petersburg
Soft Pastel, 16 x 11

watercolor, 32cm x 24cm

 Carolee S. Clark
"Double Scoop"
10" x 10"
acrylic on canvas

 Vinayak Deshmukh
Palace Square
Watercolour, 10.5" X 9"

 Maria Hamilton
Hermitage Museum
India ink with bamboo brush and markers

Sylvia J. Larsen
8x10 Watercolor

Charlene Brown
Naval Cathedral of St Nicholas

Sue Field
Castle Ruins - St. Petersburg, Russia
Pen & Ink

Nancie Johnson
"Grape Ivy on the Fence"
St. Petersburg, Russia
9x12 Acrylic

Helen Read
Lisiy Nos, St. Petersburg, Russia
5x7" oil on canvas

Julia Wright
"Stone House"

 Sara Branson
Palace Square
9"x6" Watercolor and Ink

 Nancy Herman
Saint Petersburg
8" x 6", Oil on canvas board

 Sonia Kupina
"St Petersburg - Nevsky Avenue"
Watercolour & Ink
33cm x 21cm

 Julie Manning
111 Ligovsky Prospekt
St Petersburg

Diane Ursin
"Back Yard"
5X7 inch, Acrylic on paper

Sylvia J. Larsen
Nicholas I Statue at St. Isaac's Square

Carolyn Owen Sommer
Along a Canal

Dave Rolstone
Admiralty Embankment St Petersburg
Oil on unmounted canvas 9"x12"

William Cook
Oil, 8x10

watercolor 20 x 20cm

Krista Dahlinger
St. Petersburg Botanical Garden - Greenhouse
16" x 20" watercolor

Linda Melemed
"Bridge, St Petersburg, Russia" 
6" X 9" Watercolor

Nicola Dalbenzio
Saint Petersburg #2
Watercolor, 5x7

Julie Manning
Church of the Ressurrection, St Petersburg, Russia
Ink and watercolour sketch

Sandy Woodall
"Guardian at the Door"
Watercolor & Ink, 4x6

Alissa Duke
Saint Isaac's Square, Saint Petersburg
watercolour pencil and pencil

Nicola Dalbenzio
St Petersburg, Russia
Watercolor, 5x7

5" x 7", oil, palette knife

Our March 2012 Paintout is 
Saint Petersburg, Russia

Open for participation from March 1st till March 31st.

View Larger Map

You'll find an interactive map of Saint Petersburg above, though you can't access the little yellow pegman from that map. Use the link below it, "View Larger Map", and the map will appear on your monitor; drag the little Yellow Man onto the map, let go while he's over a blue area, and start exploring. Find an interesting subject/area. Change it all you want. Or paint it straight up as you see it. Instructions are in the sidebar to the right. Any questions, ask 'em in the comments or email me directly.

This month we travel to the historic city of Saint Petersburg, Russia. Lots of wonderful Russian architecture, along with some more rural scenes, will give the artist ample opportunity to find inspiration.


It is necessary to stress the importance of a couple of rules. One is the image size issue. It states in the rules in the right sidebar on this blog that the image has to be at a resolution of 72 and no larger than 1000 pixels on the widest side. Submissions not following the rules will not be posted.

IGNORE THE BLUE DOTS! It appears that Google has now added every user submitted photograph to the maps in the form of blue dots. Make sure your reference comes from the actual Street View application and not a photograph. Thanks. 

Also, each artist must include the URL of the location that the artwork is based upon. To find the URL is easy. In the maps mode, while looking at your scene you have chosen, click the "LINK" button at the top LEFT of the screen, check the "Short URL" button. With that link highlighted simply copy it and paste into your email with your submission. (How do you not lose your location? Click "SEND" with your view up and email it to yourself.) Remember, these buttons are found at the top left of the map.

So there you go. Should be extremely easy. If your submission doesn't show up on the blog, please check the list near the top in the sidebar entitled, "Don't see your submission? This could be the reason..." Thanks.

Thanks again to Google, as they have given their permission for artists to use Street View as a reference for paintings that can then be sold without fear of copyright infringement.

And thank you, artists, for participating.

Remember, participation is open to all levels of artistic ability.



Journeyman said...

Thanks for hosting this Virtual Paintout Bill, it must take up a lot of your time and I know how busy you are with your own painting.
St Petersburg is a wonderful city and it’s interesting to explore it in this way. One of the nicest things is recognising scenes and places I’ve come across in other peoples work now being posted :)

Bright moments, Dave

Unknown said...

Good morning...

I stumbled across this blog whilst looking for some art inspiration. Two hours later, my cats were still hungry, the fire wasn't lit and my coffee had grown stone cold.

It's a wonderful place for those of us who no longer own luggage and who's passports are far and away expired.

Thank you, Bill.

Best regards,